FAIL! Ja Rule's Fyre Fest "Luxury" Music Festival CALLED OFF For Being a Hot, Ghetto Mess!

Today (April 28), all hell broke loose when Fyre Festival attendees took to social media to express how much of a struggle festival the event turned out to be.

This would have marked the Fyre Festival’s first year as a glamorous music festival that promised participants luxury accommodations, gourmet food, and a fantastic lineup featuring the likes of Blink 182, Daya, and more, but the festival was over before it even began, and thanks to attendees posting pics on social media, we can totally understand why.

Tickets for the fest, which was co-organized by Ja Rule, cost up to a whopping $12,000. The festival was promoted in glamorous ads featuring Victoria’s Secret models such as Bella Hadid riding jet skis and drinking tropical cocktails, but the moment guests arrived they realized they had been duped by some major false advertising.

The Fyre Festival turned out to be a hot, cheap mess.

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