This is Why You Shouldn’t Re-wear Those Sweaty Gym Clothes

If you’re someone who works out constantly getting to the laundry to wash all your gym clothes can be a hassle and having enough to last you for the week isn’t always easy. For this reason, some people may be tempted to wear those gym clothes more than once, especially if they didn’t sweat all that much, but experts suggest you resist that urge.

According to Quenby Erickson, a board certified dermatologist, re-wearing your gym clothes can cause a lot of problems. First off, of course, there’s a good chance you’re going to smell bad at the gym since you’ve already sweated in those leggings, but that’s actually the least of your problems. According to the doc, “the main problem with re-using previously sweaty gym clothes is that the combination of the sweat, dead skin cells, and bacteria becomes a cauldron of mildew and bacteria growth that have time to grow and can transfer back to your skin.”

All this bacteria can cause acne problems for avid fitness freaks, and could even lead to something as bad as a staph infection, since Erickson notes that the antibiotic resistant bacteria MRSA could be “lurking in gyms.”

It’s also important to note that these same issues can occur if you don’t get out of those sweaty clothes and shower right after you work out. Wearing dirty gym clothes for too long can be bad for your skin so you may want to rethink grabbing a bite or running an errand after you exercise.

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