MARIAH CAREY: Going to Tie the Knot with Boy Toy Boyfriend?

All Mariah Carey wants is a big wedding -- and she doesn't want to wait until Christmas to say "I do." 

According to Radar Online, Mimi has gotten her claws back into boy toy dancer Bryan Tanaka, and this time, she doesn't plan to let go. 

A source says, “Bryan’s eating out of her palm again now and Mariah’s desperate to seal the deal before they get sabotaged again. So many people from both their circles have tried to keep them apart, but she’s convinced they have what it takes to last the course."

The Radar folks are playing it safe with their prediction, though. The snitch adds, “Obviously, her feelings change like the wind each day, but to be fair, Bryan has a hold over her that no other guy’s had for a long time.”

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