More Americans Are Open To Interracial Relationships

Before 1967 interracial relationships were still illegal in many states, but we’ve certainly come along way since then. Interracial couples are more of a norm, and according to a new poll they seem to be more accepted than ever before, although there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. 

A survey by adult product distributor Adam & Eve finds that 79% of folks would be open to dating someone outside their race, with only 21% of people completely opposed to it. As for whether folks have dabbled in interracial relationships, 48% of folks say they’ve had a sexual experience with someone outside of their race, while 52% have not.

And while the majority of folks are open to dating outside their race, that doesn’t mean they think everyone will be accepting of it. The poll finds that 64% of people believe there’s still a stigma associated with interracial relationships, while only 36% think there isn’t.

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