Cop Dressed as Batman Thwarts Suspected 'LEGO Batman' DVD Shoplifter

Damon Cole is the hero Fort Worth needs. The police officer spends his spare time visiting sick kids while dressed up as different superheroes. But he recently ended up turning into the 'real' Caped Crusader when he responded to a shoplifting call while dressed as Batman. 

Cole showed up to the local Walmart and found a man stealing DVDs. The unnamed shoplifter was given a citation, but chances are that he thought Batman was real and in Texas, at least for a couple seconds. After all - Cole really makes sure he looks the part.

“You know, it has to be realistic," Office Cole says of his getups, "‘cause kids don’t have a filter, so they will call you out if it doesn’t look real.” The best part? The perp asked for a selfie with Cole. 

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