Charlize Theron: Girls Can Fight As Hard As Guys

"Atomic Blonde" Premiere - 2017 SXSW Conference and Festivals

Charlize Theron is doing her part to let everyone know that she puts in work on her new action movie, “Atomic Blonde.” During an appearance on yesterday’s edition of Good Morning America, she said, “I cracked two teeth in the back of my jaw…[and] I was pretty bruised, my ribs were bruised.” 

The main reason the Oscar-winner took the role was to let people know that women are capable of doing what they need to do without being masculine. “I feel that there’s this misconception sometimes when we talk about women in the [action] genre that they want to be guys or they want to fight like guys, and that’s not really the point,” she explained. “The point is that we utilize who we are in that genre really well and for some reason we tend to not do it…The fact that she uses her high heel shoe and uses a pot in a fridge, she uses what she has and I think that’s funny and it’s real.” 

And even though Charlize got banged up while filming “Atomic Blonde,” she made sure she cleaned her feet. She said, “I don’t like dirty feet. I would rather sleep with my makeup on than to not wash my feet before I go to bed.” Uh…okay. The film opens on July 28th. 

  • ONE MORE THING! When it comes to filming love scenes, Charlize likes it with the ladies – specifically her “Atomic Blonde” co-star, Sofia Boutella. But not for the reason you might think. In case you missed it, she said, “With Sofia, it was easy just because we’re both dancers and you have to choreograph those scenes quite a bit.” For the record, Charlize studied ballet as a child, but a knee injury killed those dreams. Meanwhile, Sofia worked with Madonna and Michael Jacksonat the beginning of her career. Charlize added, “There is a technical aspect to it, so with her, it was really easy because she thinks like me.” 
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