Dwayne Johnson's "Skyscraper" movie is shaping up to be a giant bust


It was supposed to be a "Die Hard" meets "The Towering Inferno" super movie that starred everyone's favorite wrestler-turned-actor, Dwayne Jonhson, but it's been anything but spectacular.  The Rock's newest movie, "Skyscraper," is looking like it's going to be a disaster at the box office. The movie cost $125 million to make and it opened with only $25.5 million in the US, leading many wondering if the Rock has passed his prime.   

"Skyscraper" received mixed to negative reviews from critics and Rotten Tomatoes and is the fifth movie to come out with Johnson in the lead in the last 14 months. Unless "Skyscraper" does huge numbers in China, where it opens July 20, it's going to lose money and go down as one of the worst Dwayne Johnson movies ever.  Unless of course one of the remaining four movies he has coming out in 2019 can top this. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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