Rose McGowan On Being “GQ’s” ‘Man Of The Year,’ Being Betrayed By Argento


Besides being one of the first women to speak out about sexual misconduct in Hollywood as the driving force behind the #MeToo movement, Rose McGowan is also the first woman to be taped as an honorary 'man.' Confused? Don't be - she's about to receive the Inspiration Award at “GQ’s” Man of the Year honors.

Talking to Piers Morgan on “Good Morning Britain,” McGowan says her “GQ” title is a great example of how the world is starting to ditch gender labels...without being ridiculous. “I think what’s cool about the ‘GQ’ Man of the Year award is that they’re not changing it to ‘human of the year'," she notes. "I’m just an honorary man this year."

When asked about cutting ties with fellow #MeToo campaigner Argento, McGowan says that she was hoowinked. And while she does admit to feeling betrayed by Argento, she also notes that her feelings are "very insignificant" in the scope of the whole movement - and especially as it relates to Jimmy Bennett, the young man who was violated by Argento. What does matter? As McGowan sees it, it's the fact that more people are speaking out as they understand “#MeToo is not just for women.”

Source: Good Morning Britain



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