Asia Argento Has A Twitter War Over Accusations With Rose McGowan’s Partner

Asia Argento’s return to Twitter was explosive.

The actress has been away from social media since she was accused of sexually assaulting Jimmy Bennett. Model Rain Dove Dubilewski, Rose McGowan’s partner, tweeted that she’d support Argento but the Italian star had to be “100% honest” about the allegations.


Argento, recently let go from “X Factor” Italy over the situation, fired back “Very funny coming from a sick pathological liar like you, who made money out of me by selling selected text messages in order to portray me for something I am not.”

Argento accused Rain of misleading her about knowing more about her boyfriend Anthony Bourdain’s death and that it wasn’t a suicide. The conversation continued to spiral down from there.

It was Rain’s texts that confirmed Argento’s encounter with Jimmy Bennett.



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