Sterling K. Brown Defends Olivia Munn


Sterling K. Brown is defending Olivia Munn’s decision to speak out about her co-star. As we told you yesterday, after she outed Steven Wilder Striegel as a registered sex offender on the set of “The Predator,” she said she felt alone. 


The “This is Us” star – who’s in the movie, but wasn’t able to attend the world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival – told Olivia that he was sorry that she felt alone and that she was the only one to speak up publicly about Steven. According to Sterling, the issues are what is and is not forgivable and the right of the cast to know whom they’re working with. 

At this point, Steven’s scenes have been cut. Sterling thanked 20th Century Fox for taking that action so quickly and told Olivia, “You did the right thing.” Meanwhile, Olivia hasn't responded, and “The Predator” opens Friday. 

Source: Sterling K. Brown



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