Teenager Helps Save The Bachelor Mansion From Burning Down #GoodNews

After being evacuated from their home because of the California wildfires, Ava Friedman and her father returned to check on their Agoura Hills house. The 16-year-old and her family live next door to “The Bachelor” mansion and when she saw that the estate was in flames, she helped save it from being burned to the ground.

The teen says she knew the fire could destroy the setting for both “The Bachelor’ and “The Bachelorette” TV shows, but it could also hurt her home. She says the road was “like a ghost town” since everyone else had evacuated, but she and her dad managed to flag down a firefighter for help.

Friedman says they explained the situation and asked them to see what they could do and firefighters were able put out the blaze before it got to more of the famous estate. She says, “We’re really glad that we found a brave firefighter to put it out.”

Source: Page Six



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