Sandra Bullock Couldn't Do The #BirdBoxChallenge Herself

Remember that #BirdBoxChallenge we told you about? Don’t feel too bad if you couldn’t master it. Sandra Bullock – the movie’s star – couldn’t do it, either! 


“We did have Sandy hitting the camera,” director Susanne Bier said. “The camera was sort of moving and she was moving, and we had such a great operator who most of the time had this weird dance with her where she was blindfolded and they were both moving around each other. And one time he just got too close.” 

To review, the Netflix film involves people forced to go through life with their eyes covered to avoid seeing mysterious forces that have them turn into homicidal maniacs before committing suicide. The streaming service had to issue a warning to keep people from blindfolding themselves and doing things.

Source: People


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