Here are 7 amazing websites you probably didn't know about

Everyone loves a helpful website, right?!

Check out these websites that help with everything from recipes to public restrooms.

  1. If you're sick of looking out your own window during the lock down, you can look out of other people's windows all over the world!
  2. If you need to cook something up for dinner but aren't sure what, you enter a bunch of random ingredients that you have on hand, and it gives you recipes you can make!
  3. Send a note to your future self! (Or an email). Some people use it to help themselves stick to long-term goals and others say it's simply therapeutic.
  4. RunPee- It's an app that lets you search different movies and tells you the best time to take a bathroom break so you don't miss anything important!
  5. Type in the name of a company and it gives you a customer service number that gets an actual human on the phone. Or a robot will tell you which buttons to push.
  6. Enter a movie or show and it tells you the streaming platforms that are currently playing it!
  7. If someone in a show is wearing an outfit you like, you can search for it and find out where it's sold. How cool!

We hope you find these fun and useful!