VIDEO: Hip Hop Uncovered | Official Trailer

Can't wait to watch this!!!!

A new docuseries called Hip-Hop Uncovered is coming to FX.

The initial six-episode season will tell the stories of stars like Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Gucci Mane and Nipsey Hussle. This isn’t your average bio-pic -- a press release says Hip-Hop Uncovered will be “an in-depth, thought-provoking docs-series that explores hip hop’s connection to the street hustle -- the emergence of a heroin epidemic and eventually, crack flooding into cities like New York, Los Angeles and Detroit.

Talking heads featured in the show include Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Waka Flocka, Run-DMC, Ice T, Too Short and many more. Hip-Hop Uncovered premieres on February 12th, dropping two new episodes a week for three weeks.