Pro Tips For Arriving At The Arena For Freestyle Throwback Jam

Going downtown can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be if you plan ahead.

Whether you're biking, parking or getting dropped off at the Golden 1 Center for Freestyle Throwback Jam this Friday, we've got a few tips that will make your night go smoother than Stevie B's voice when he sings Because I Love You.


Did you know that you can pick a lot around the arena and pay for parking before you even leave your house? SacPark has a list of locations (some that even offer discounts for paying online) to choose from that range in price from $5 to $25.  

Save time driving around looking for a good parking lot by reserving parking here.


There are areas to park bikes on L Street near 5th Street and on 7th Street Near K Street. See the map below for more details.


Ride sharing and other vehicles can drop passengers off on J Street between 4th and 5th, on L and 4th Street and on the corner of J and 7th Street. See the map below for more details.

The Freestyle Throwback Jam is happening Friday, April 13. Get your tickets now.

Have your own tips for getting around near the arena on event night? Leave a comment below!


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