TV Anchor Calmly Catches Her Own Tooth After It Falls Out on Air [VIDEO]

UKRAINE - A Ukrainian broadcaster demonstrated remarkable composure after she nonchalantly caught her tooth after it fell out during a live read, as seen in an incredible clip circulating local media.

“This is probably my most curious experience in 20 years as a presenter,” TSN reporter Marichka Padalko wrote in an Instagram post detailing the acci-dental incident.

According to the post, the TV presenter was reporting live on the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday morning when she felt her front tooth come loose in the middle of the broadcast.

It was a complication of an accident 10 years ago when Padalko’s daughter inadvertently knocked out half her tooth while playing with an alarm clock, per the post.

According to the Instagram post, her colleague reportedly told her, “You reacted as if you lose your teeth every day.”

“Such rare cases are a test of endurance,” gushes one newfound fan.

Photo: Getty Images