LeBron James Is Now Willing To Go To White House To Celebrate Championship

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

4 time NBA champ LeBron James has had a change of heart about visiting the White House, now that there is a new occupant that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

In a recent press conference, James said that he was willing to go to the White House, but with COVID and restrictions he's not even sure if it is possible. "It would be great, but I have no idea what we can even do right now besides hotel, arena and home."

The NBA has be reluctant to visit the White House since Trump took office. Many players, including LeBron James have been vocal about their dislike of Trump and his policies. James and Trump has taken jabs at one another over the years, but now that Trump is no longer in office, James is open to going to the White House but he is not sure if the NBA would allow it right now. "I am not even sure if we are allowed to go," James said at the press conference, referring to being able to visit the White House.

The 36-year-old champion has put a lot of effort into getting people out to vote in this past election. He launched the "More Than a Vote" campaign, which was an effort to get Black folks registered and out to vote.

-Natomas Slimm

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