Circus Performer Falls Off Huge Hamster Wheel During Performance!

A crazy video of a circus acrobat who plummeting to the ground in the middle of a dangerous, death-defying act has gone viral. The accident brought the circus performance to an abrupt halt. The good news is the acrobat survived!

Warning - Graphic Video


The acrobat was part of theGarden Bros Circusperforming in Toledo, Ohio Monday night at the Huntington Center. In this exclusive footage, obtained by TMZ, you can see the guy and his partner pulling insane moves in and outside of giant spinning wheels -- kinda like human hamsters, if hamsters could do flips.
The crowd screamed in horror though when one of the guys slipped while doing a front flip on top of the spinning wheel. He did not stick the landing and crashed to the ground. 
Fortunately for him, the fall happened as his end of the apparatus was closer to the ground ... as opposed to its highest point, which seems to have seriously helped the dude. Spotters couldn't do much to break his fall.

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