Are You Annoying Everyone Around You?

Have you ever been annoyed by the person who talks loudly on their phone in the bathroom? How about the person who uses their shopping cart to block an entire section of the aisle so you have to wait, and they don’t seem to care at all? Well, next time you find yourself rolling your eyes at that stranger, think again. You might be just as annoying to others with some of your own behaviors and not even realize it!

Here are some common things that annoy people …

  • Walking slowly on a busy sidewalk and not getting over so people can get by.        
  • Tapping your foot, clicking your pen, strumming your fingernails or any other nervous tick.        
  • Parking too close to the person next to you.        
  • Leaving your shopping cart in the middle of a parking spot.        
  • Taking up too much space on public transportation.        
  • Not RSVP-ing on time.        
  • Snapping your gum and chewing with your mouth open.        
  • Going in an elevator before letting people get off.        
  • Taking both armrests on a plane or in a movie theater. 

Source: Pop Sugar

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