The Pettiest Reasons To Break Up With Someone

When meeting a new guy or girl, chances are folks are hoping to make a lasting love connection, but there are some cases where the romance ends before it even begins. While matches don’t work out for a variety of good reasons, some people have been known to end things over petty and ridiculous ones.

Well, in case you missed it, now a bunch of people have revealed the petty reasons they ended a relationship and some of them are truly strange, although if they couldn’t get past them there’s really no use in wasting a person’s time.

Petty reasons someone ended a relationship include:

  • “She had a fiat 500.. she loved to talk about her fiat 500. Every time she said fiat 500, every time she wrote fiat 500 in a text, she would add "beep beep" " … EVERY F**ING TIME!!! If I hadn't have blocked her on every form of communication I would be writing this from prison.”
  • "This girl always answered the phone with, ‘Hi what's wrong?’… for some reason it just irrationally bugged the sh*t out of me.”
  • “She would mispronounce words with a 'u' as if they had like a double-o Example: puke -> poke, cute -> coote, refuse -> refoose, beautiful -> bootiful, Got on my nerves too much.”
  • “After terrible experiences with a Madison, a Geneva, and a Sidney, I made a rule to not date a woman named after a geographic location.”
  • "He held his arms like there were carpet rolls under them all the time."
  • "He wore shorts with scarves."
  • "He just looked so ugly when he ate. I couldn't imagine eating across from that for the rest of my life. Made me lose my appetite."
  • "His name was literally ONE letter off from my ex's name."
  • "Our birthdays were the same day and I didn’t wanna share the cake."
  • "She didn't know who Led Zeppelin were."
  • "He was allergic to hummus. I f**king love hummus."

Source: The Daily Mail

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