Bad Grammar is Worse Than Bad Sex For Most Singles Who Are Dating


When looking for love online, there’s no doubt that profile pictures is important when it comes to attracting a mate, but your looks alone aren’t going to keep your partner interested in the long run. 

A new survey by the dating site Plenty of Fish finds that 74% of people say conversation is the most important indicator of chemistry, with 87% of singles saying they found someone more attractive following a conversation. What’s more, 63% of people say the best way to tell if someone’s compatible is through a conversation, with 60% of people believing they can fall in love with someone after just one conversation.

When it comes to online dating, that first conversation is usually through emails or texts and it turns out you better be careful about what you’re writing. It seems bad grammar is a huge turnoff for people. In fact, 58% of people say bad grammar is a bigger turnoff than bad sex.

  • As for conversations folks are sick of, not surprising President Trumpis the topic most singles are tired of (51%), followed by specialty diets (20%) and Millennials vs. everyone else (18%), while gun control is currently the most important topic to discuss (49%). And some people are also sick of potential dates using emojis, with the eggplant the biggest turnoff (75%), followed by the peach (49%), with the wink being the top flirty emoji (55%). 
  • And speaking of politics, it's certainly playing a huge role in dating in this day and age. Overall, 59% of singles say they won’t even talk to someone whose dating profile expresses a political opinion that differs form theirs. And that’s not all. Believe it or not, 34% of singles say they would rather deal with bad sex for the rest of their life than date a Trump supporter.

Source: Morningstar

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