Most Teens Aren’t Using Facebook Anymore - Why Is That?


If you’re worried about what your kids are doing on Facebook, you probably don’t need to be, because according to a new Pew Research poll, not many of them are actually on Facebook.


The poll finds that YouTube is actually the most popular social media site amongst teems with 85% of teens saying they use YouTube, and another 32% saying the use it most often. While Facebook was the most dominant platform just three years ago, with 71% using it, it’s now dropped to fourth, with only 51% of teens saying they use it, and only 10% saying they use it most often. 

Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Teens

  • YouTube (85%)
  • Instagram (72%)
  • Snapchat (69%)
  • Facebook (51%)
  • Twitter (32%)
  • Tumbler (9%)
  • Reddit (7%)
  • None of the above (3%)

When it comes to social media in general, 31% of teens say it has a positive effect on their lives, while 45% believe it has a mostly negative effect. As for the reasons for that negative effect, they include:

  • Bullying/rumor spreading (27%)
  • Harms relationships/lack of personal contact (17%)
  • Unrealistic views of other’s lives (15%)
  • Causes distractions /addiction (14%)
  • Peer pressure (12%)
  • Causes mental health issues (4%)
  • Drama in general (2%)

And good luck trying to get teens to take a break, with the poll finding that most have at least some access to a phone or computer. In fact, the poll finds 88% of U.S. teens have access to a desktop computer or laptop, while 95% have access to a smartphone.

Source: Pew Research

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