Purchases That Have Caused Huge Fights Between Couples

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We’ve heard time and time again that money can be a touchy subject for couples, especially if you have a partner who tends to spend a lot of dough on foolish purchases. While it’s completely understandable to be angry if your partner spends ridiculous amounts of money on things they don’t need, some people can get annoyed at even the simplest of purchases, much to the frustration of their S.O.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing the purchases that caused huge fights in their relationships, and it may leave you wondering whether these couples should be together in the first place. 

Purchases that caused major arguments include:

  • “My girlfriend got mad because I bought my ex flowers.”
  • “My girlfriend broke up with me because I bought the wrong pizza.”
  • “My girlfriend is so mad she won’t even talk to me because I bought a $40 pillow.”
  • “I bought a sex toy and now my boyfriend is freaking out at me. I got it to spice things up, not to replace him.”
  • “My boyfriend got mad because I bought a Jon Snow poster. He’s just a character, I can’t cheat on you with him dude.”
  • “So I bought lingerie and my boyfriend got mad at me for buying it…with my money. He asked why I even bought it if I’m not a stripper. WTF. I am so done.”
  • “My boyfriend thinks we live in the 1950s. I bought him dinner the other night and he’s STILL mad. WTF. I don’t need or want you to pay for everything.”
  • “My wife got mad because I got myself a PS4. So today I bought her 2 dozen roses, a 6 pack of chocolate cupcakes and chocolate strawberries. We’re all good now.”
  • “I’m in the doghouse. My wife is mad that I brought home a puppy at 1 am for our newborn baby…It was most certainly a drunk purchase.”

Source: Whisper

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