The REAL Reason People Fail At Diets…Their Partners Are One Of Them

It’s no secret that sticking to a diet is hard, so getting the right support can go a long ways towards taking off the pounds. But if you believe a new survey, a lot of folks in American aren’t getting the support they need from their significant others.


A survey by OnePoll finds that 24% of Americans blame their partners for sabotaging their diets, although that is far from the biggest reason folks have trouble losing weight. Tempting foods of course play a huge role, with 38% of people saying they simply can't resist their favorite treats, while another 32% say healthy food is just too expensive. And emotions also play a big role in diets derailing, with 42% of peole saying that reaching for their favorite food helps them deal with stress.

Of course, some delicious treats are harder to stay away from than others. Turns out, the top food that gets people to abandon their diet is pizza (54%), followed by ice cream (41%). Other foods that cause people to derail their diets include: 

  • Chips (39%)
  • Chocolate (38%)
  • Cookies (36%)
  • Cake (34%)
  • Burgers (34%)
  • Candy (30%)
  • Cheese (29%)
  • Bread (27%) 

Source: New York Post

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