Huh? Moms Are Now Throwing Period Parties For Their Daughters?

A recent survey found that 55% of young girls are unprepared for their first period, and now some parents are taking that extra step to make sure they are. How are they doing it? By throwing period parties. 


That’s right, some parents are throwing bashes to celebrate their daughters’ step in to womanhood, many featuring gifts of tampons, sanitary napkins, and even uterus-shaped cakes. But it’s not just a celebration. These parties are meant to educate girls on their periods, providing them with info they may not have learned in school, and allowing them to discuss the topic and ask any questions they may have.

But these period parties aren’t really new, maybe just more visible thanks to social media. Tyra Banks even revealed in her book “Perfect is Boring” that her mom threw her one, with her mom Carolyn Londondescribing it as a celebration “of womanhood and an acknowledgment of passing into another realm.” 

Source: New York Post

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