What A “Perfect Day” Is Like For Most People in America

Have you ever had that absolutely perfect day? It’s true it takes a lot for a day to be perfect, and what constitutes a perfect day for some is completely different for others. But now a new survey has set out to determine what the average perfect day looks like, and exactly what things can boost someone’s mood enough to make a day simply perfect.


The study by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry council finds that the average American has 204 good days a year, but only 15 of them can be described as “perfect days.” So, what actually constitutes a perfect day? Well, based on responses, the average person’s perfect day starts by waking up at 8:15 am, and going to bed at 10:50 pm. Skies, of course, will be clear, with a temperature of 74 degrees, and they’ll spend about three hours of their day outside. A perfect day also consists of about four hours of family time, and three hours spent with friends, as well as three hours of relaxing in front of the TV to unwind. 

The survey also looked at what particular things could boost a person’s mood, giving them more of a shot at achieving the perfect day, with finding money in a pocket unexpectedly the top mood booster, followed by being able to sleep without setting an alarm.

Top Mood Boosters(click here to see the Top 40)

  • Finding money in your pocket you didn’t know you had (58%)
  • Being able to sleep in with no alarm set (55%)
  • Lying in bed listening to rain fall outside (51%)
  • A small gesture of kindness from somebody in your life (49%)
  • Petting a dog (48%)
  • Performing a small gesture of kindness for somebody in your life (47%)
  • Realizing it’s a beautiful, sunny day (46%)
  • Long, hot shower (44%)
  • A meaningful, long hug from somebody you love (42%)
  • Seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a long time (42%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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