Big Al Thought You Liked REAL Music, Not THIS Foolishness, Right? (VIDEO)

I am soooooooooooooo confused.

Y'all get so self-righteous about how you want REAL music, or you say that we have to honor our musical heroes for all of their works. I say BS on all of that, because the instant something comes across that professes stereotypes or something derogatory, you attract to it like flies to...well, let's say you REALLY like it, counter to your beliefs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you , Exhibit A...


This video was an "artist" Skinbone, the video was produced by J Sims Films. The more and more I see this, I'm beginning to think this is a comedy parody of some sort (at least I HOPE so, I can't believe this is an actual song that wants to be a smash hit single). 

Without being able to talk to the folks that made the video, or Skinbone himself,  I don't know. But I DO know this, Y'ALL LOVE WATCHING IT! It has nearly 18 MILLION VIEWS across all social media platforms to date, with reactions ranging to "absolutely hilarious" to "this video is everything wrong with young people in America today."

Now, I love me some comedy. I admit, I was lightweight chuckling at some of the buffoonery in this video's shock value. However at the same time I had some very sobering concerns: if this IS parody or satire of some sort, why use THIS hip-hop stereotype? I don't see Common or Kendrick Lamar re[resent themselves like this. E-40 doesn't act a fool like this, although he makes it clear that IF you confront him in a disrespectful way, you might get clapped back. Even rapper Plies, with all his "Goon Life," didn't go to this extreme.

I would like to think the performer was making fun of hip-hop's extreme thugged-out goon behavior. But according to the public reactions, I think that comedy premise has been lost, and the public's exuding of stereotypes pf what THEY htink of Hip-Hop took over. Maybe I'm giving this guy too much credit, and he just went for the instant, cheap laugh.

And THAT's a damn shame...

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