Megyn Kelly Apologizes For Questioning Why Wearing Blackface Is Racist

Dear Megyn Kelly, PLEASE get out of your bubble and understand that the real world is a diverse place with people who have other opinions. The former Fox host took on Halloween costumes on Megyn Kelly Today, and let’s just say that she shouldn’t have. 

Megyn, along with Jenna Bush Hager, Jacob Soborof, and Melissa Rivers, were discussing costume guidelines set forth by the University of Kent in the UK when the issue of blackface came up. “What is racist?” Megyn asked. “You…get in trouble if you are a White person who puts on blackface for Halloween or a Black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was okay just as long as you were dressing as a character.” She specifically cited Luann de Lesseps, who dressed as Diana Ross. For the record, “The Real Housewives of New York” star darkened her skin to look like the singer. “People said that was racist!” Megyn noted. “She wants to look like Diana Ross for on day. I don’t know how that got racist on Halloween. It’s not like she’s walking around [wearing blackface] in general.” 


Not everyone agreed with Kelly. Rivers said, “If you think it’s offensive, it probably is…One of my big complaints with society right now is whatever happened to just manners an polite society? Normal people kind of know where that line is.” Bush-Hager chimed in with, “I think there are limits on how far you want to go. If you’re making people feel bad…” 

  • The social media backlash was swift. Everyone from Padma Lakshmi and Patton Oswalt to DL Hughley and Chelsea Handler weighed in. DL said, “[Megyn Kelly] doesn’t see anything wrong [with blackface?] It’s ONLY the mockery of black [people] as slaves & subhuman happy-go-lucky darkies like Jim Crow & Uncle Tom.” Chelsea said, “Megyn Kelly talking about blackface just to let her old colleagues at Fox News know she’s still got it.” 
  • Megyn ended up having to issue an apology to her colleagues at NBC. She said, “I realize now that such behavior is indeed wrong, and I am sorry. The history of blackface in our culture is abhorrent; the wounds too deep.” She’s also having Roland Martinon today’s show to discuss the issue.
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