Homeless Man Finds $17K in Cash And Gives It To Local Food Bank #GoodNews

What would you do if you came across $17,000 dollars one day? Well, a homeless man named Kevin Booth did just that. He found a brown bag on the ground outside a local Washington Food Bank's community bread box while looking for the bread that is left outside for people to take. When he looked inside, he saw it was filled with cash.

He waited around until the foodbank opened and handed the bag to a volunteer who opened the door for him. The volunteer didn't have any idea what was going on and thought he was there to drop off food. It wasn't food. It was $17,000 in cash.



They called the Police and they determined the money was real and used security cameras to try to figure out what had happened. They couldn't determine who dropped off the bag, but they did see who found it.

Police kept the cash for 90 days, the length of time required under state law for someone to make a claim of ownership.

No one did, so the money went to the food bank. To thank the man for his honesty, the food bank is giving him part of the money in gift cards as a reward.

The local police department presented Booth with a citizen's citation and pointed out that Booth told officers he knew giving the money to the food bank would benefit more people than just himself.

Source: SunnySkyz

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