Here's a List of Dating Resolutions For 2019 That You Can Actually Keep

As 2018 is wrapping up, lots of us are looking ahead to next year and what our goals are for the next 12 months. And if you want to boost your dating game in the coming year, making some dating resolutions could help. 

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New Year’s resolutions are known for being hard to keep, but here are some easy ones you can actually stick to so you can find what you’re looking for in 2019.

  • Say “yes” to more first dates - It’s easy to come up with a hundred different reasons you might not want to go out with someone, but you never know how it might go, so say yes more and find out.
  • Say “yes” to more social events - While you’re swiping on your dating app, you could be missing the chance to meet someone IRL, so say “yes” to the party your friend invites you to, the art opening, and the dinner party, and start socializing more.
  • Try a new dating app - If you’re feeling burned out on digital courtship, trying a new dating app could be just the refresher you need.
  • Go on a group date - Mix things up from the usual one-on-one dates and try going out as a group for a change. It’s low-key and less nerve-wracking than a typical first date, so make it a goal for 2019.
  • Stop ghosting people - If it’s happened to you, you understand how it feels and you really don’t want to do that to someone else, do you?
  • Be clear about what you’re looking for - There’s nothing wrong with wanting a long-term romance or a quick fling, but being honest about what you want might help you find it this year.
  • Think outside your “type” - If you tend to date the same kind of person over and over and it hasn’t been working out, maybe it’s time to expand your horizons. Stepping outside the typical type you’re interested in could be just what you need.
  • Move on from those who aren’t interested - Instead of trying to convince yourself that someone you like is just playing hard to get or that they’ll come around eventually, try moving on from anyone who isn’t showing you they’re interested so you’re free to find someone who is.
  • Text whenever you want to - If you’ve been overthinking the best time to respond to people you’re dating, or manipulating the timing of your responses, try giving up that headache in 2019 and just text whenever you want to or are available to.
  • Embrace singledom - Having dating goals is good, but feeling good about your solo time is important too. There’s a lot of freedom in being single, so appreciate that for all it offers in the New Year.

Source: Elite Daily

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