The Absolute Worst Sex Advice People Have Been Given

We don’t get much sex advice growing up and a lot of what we do hear often turns out to be untrue or even downright dangerous. Bad sex advice just sets us up for misunderstandings, uncomfortable situations, and unhealthy relationships. And it can actually be worse for women and non-binary people, who don’t just get advice that’s wrong, but sexist too.


To show where sex education is lacking, Bustle asked people about the worst sex advice they’ve received and please don’t follow any of it.

  • Highly inappropriate advice from a teacher-Kate was in high school when her friend revealed a crush on her and wanted to have sex, but she wasn’t attracted to her. Her 10th grade teacher told her, “I think you should go for it because how often in life does someone serve themselves to you on a silver platter like that?”
  • Dangerous misinformation from a doctor- When Mia was in college, she found out in a very painful way, while having sex, that she’s allergic to propylene glycol. An older male doctor then suggested she use Crisco or Vaseline instead, so she had to explain to him the oil in those would degrade the latexin condoms and not be safe for sex at all.
  • Make it easy on men- “Men are sexual creatures and can’t help themselves, so you need to look out for yourself and them.”
  • Mom doesn’t always know best- A mom told her daughter, “Oh honey, it’s okay. All men are sh*t until they’re 30.”
  • Hacks to beat the heat- “In the summer, put your sheets in the fridge before sex to cool you down.”
  • Don’t believe everything the doc says-Polly got some bad information from a physician who told her, “Women cannot get sexually transmitted diseases from having sex with other women.”


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